13 Things You Experience When You Have Hearing Loss


1. The looks strangers you just met give you when you tell them that you have hearing loss (yeah, they pretty much don’t get it).


2. What your best friend says to you when you try to hide at every party (We’ve all been there.)

3. When you didn’t hear the question the cute guy at the bar just asked you. (Don’t worry people with normal hearing do this too.)

4. The look you get when the teacher said something and you missed it, but you asked the stupid question anyways.

5. How your boyfriend looks  when you forget your hearing aids drive without them.

6. Who you relate to when you hear “Gold” and someone said “Go” and then ask a question or make a suggestion.


7. When you jump in on a conversation and you think you know what it’s about….And, you don’t.

8. How you feel when people remind you that you are deaf…every…single…day.

9. When your hearing loss to get out of a speeding ticket. (Because who doesn’t feel bad for someone with a disability.)


10. How you feel when stupid people won’t shut up.

11. How you really look when you sing in the car and can’t tell you’re off.

12. The response you get when someone has repeated something 50 times and you still can’t get it.

13. What you’re doing when the whistle blows to start your 100m swim and you don’t hear it.

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