Watch “Shark Week” with Tunity App & Starkey Hearing Technologies Halo and Halo 2 Hearing Aids

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As if Discovery Channel’s Shark Week wasn’t already awesome enough, now thanks to Tunity’s new app and Starkey Hearing Technologies’ incredible Halo and Halo 2 hearing aids, people with hearing loss can get right up in the action!

Screw surround sound stereo systems with expensive speakers. The Halo and Halo 2 hearing aids work with the free Tunity app to stream audio from Shark Week episodes LIVE directly to your ears! giphy

I watched three hours’ worth of breaching Great Whites last night with my own Halo devices and it was like swimming in the ocean right alongside South African shark expert Chris Fallows. And let me tell you, when you added in the voice over by “Cersei Lannister” (Lena Headey) for “Air Jaws: Night Stalker” the goosebumps were never-ending.

How to watch “Shark Week” yourself!

Here are the easy steps to get #SharkWeek excitement in your own ears:

  1. Download Tunity app if you haven’t already (it’s free so do it)
  2. Turn on Shark Week (Discovery Channel)
  3. Open Tunity and scan the Shark Week episode you’re watching
  4. Let Tunity process, and voila, you can hear SHARKS, SHARKS, SHARKS directly to your hearing aids!



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