Pokemon Go Offers Easy Marketing Opportunity for Hearing Professionals & Fun Adjustment Game for Hearing Aid Users

According to the Washington Street Journal, ad agencies are scrambling to develop Pokemon Go campaigns to help their marketing clients. And as a 90s kid who grew up with the original Nintendo games and flashy Pokemon cards, I was one of 15 million people to download the new Pokemon Go app in the last week.

And as the app has continued to garner more and more active participants (as of Monday, July 11 it boasted 21 million daily active users in the U.S. alone according to SurveyMonkey), businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to try to take advantage of this free marketing opportunity.

Recently a friend at work suggested something unique. For those of us with hearing aids, and especially for hearing professionals, Pokemon Go is a cool way to help adjust to new hearing aids. Professionals, you don’t have to do anything but suggest a “scavenger hunt” game to reap the benefits.

Pokemon Go connects users with the real world, a large reason it’s been so successful Inc. magazine said in a recent article. The app forces people to walk around, visit museums and restaurants, and has stimulated social interaction with strangers via iconic alien cartoons.

So here is how going on (or sending patients on) a Pokemon Go themed scavenger hunt can help you (or patients) adjust to new hearing aids!

  1. It will help you adjust and adapt to outdoor sounds—Getting used to hearing aids outside (wind, screaming children, etc.) is a challenge. Getting the best Pokemon means slipping on some tennis shoes and taking a stroll through the neighborhood or local park. While you try to catch a Squirttle or Pidgey, you are also adapting to wind, car traffic, birds singing, and other outdoors sounds.
  1. It will help you figure out what hearing program is best for different situations—You need pokeballs to catch Pokemon, so the app forces you to head off to things like local landmarks, museums and memorials in order to stock up on Pokemon necessities. Entering all these different environments means you not only can figure out what challenges are still present with your hearing aids, but you can also learn to adjust your programs, determine the best way to handle each place you visit and learn how to enjoy your time there.
  2. You’ll learn how to converse with and hear strangers better—Trying to talk to somebody new with the new hearing aids can be a daunting situation, but Pokemon Go helps bridge the gap between two people and unites them with colorful cartoons. Say hello to fellow players and start up conversations along the way. You’ll soon find that you get better and better at figuring out what hearing aid program is most comfortable for speech in a multitude of locations.

In short, Pokemon Go can make adjusting to new hearing aids fun! It can be a challenge getting used to new sounds and new technology, so try taking Pokemon Go and your hearing aids out for a spin.

A final hint for professionals? Consider hosting a Pokemon Go catching contest for new hearing aid wearers!

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