Not using my hearing aids when stressed actually makes stress levels worse

We’ve all been stressed out. We’ve all had personal or professional responsibilities that tax our energy and push our stress meter to HIGH. But for those of us with hearing loss, stress can come faster, or at least it does for me.

I’ve learned that when I get stressed out, when I have a lot of HOT deadlines and projects on my plate, I have a bad habit of taking my hearing aids out for hours at a time. Why? Because I try to use that silence to avoid hearing the world around me and focus on only the task before me. It’s a really bad habit, and one I’ve been diligent about trying to break the last few weeks. What’s funny though, is that I didn’t even realize I was doing it until recently.

Here’s what happens when I try to use silence (not wear my hearing aids for a few hours) to get things done:

  1. I get cranky
  2. I get snappy
  3. My energy is sapped so much faster
  4. My usually controlled sarcasm goes into overdrive
  5. I make stupid mistakes that are small but add up and make me look stupid

Here’s what’s happened since I have reminded myself that stress is not worth not hearing:

  1. I have more energy
  2. I am not making silly mistakes. I am reading my writing aloud and catching things I wasn’t before.
  3. I am not snapping at coworkers
  4. I am not as cranky (still a bit due to lack of sleep trying to write an incomplete novel)

The moral of the story is that for those of us with hearing loss, stress can really make our lives harder. And you’re still thinking that not using your hearing aids for a short while will help you focus because it’s quiet, I implore you to try not giving in to that idea. See what happens.

One thought on “Not using my hearing aids when stressed actually makes stress levels worse

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  1. You should never take your hearing aides off during the day no matter what!!! It is important that you have a full range of sound coming into your ears at all times. If you don’t amplify the high frequencies all the time you will lose your hearing faster. Just like a muscle, if you don’t use it you lose it. This happened to me. Also if your brain doesn’t hear the high frequencies during the day you will get tinnitus a lot faster than if you leave them in. Also never ever stress. It is bad for you on so many levels and tinnitus will set in quicker if you stress. Always stay happy no matter what happens. Its not easy, but you will lead a better life if you do.


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