Hearing Technologies at CES 2019 – Healthable Livio AI & world’s first Made for iPhone cochlear implant processor

CNET just released it’s scoop from CES 2019 on the latest and greatest in hearing technologies. And for those of us with damaged hearing, the article is basically the ultimate hearing technology wish list.

Who made the cut at CNET?

CES features some of the greatest technological innovations from around the world, so who made the cut in the hearing realm?

  1. Avnet Music topped the list with Not Impossible, which is unique for use at musical events. What’s cool, is that Avnet Musics’ Not Impossible doesn’t actually go on your ears!
  2. Eargo Neo  – they came in with an “invisible” hearing aid that’s a little less costly than most on the market. (Personal note – I’m not a fan of what I read of Ty Pendlebury’s experience using it – difficult to remove and three settings. I’ve worked with invisible-fit hearing aids before, and in all honesty, for the price listed, the capabilities they offer don’t really match up. Furthermore, stigma may still exist when it comes to hearing aids, but it shouldn’t, and that’s not something Id’ recommend you use as a primary factor when considering buying.)
  3. Cochlear Nucleus 7 – Made for iPhone users rejoice! Cochlear’s popular cochlear implant now officially features ‘the world’s first and only Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor’ said Cochlear at CES 2019.
  4. Starkey Hearing Technologies Livio AI – Hearing aids are so last year. Healthables are IN!
  5. Zvox Voice Bud VB20 – Zvox is sneaky and sly. They showed this hearing device (it is NOT a hearing aid) on the Las Vegas strip. The biggest appeal is for sure it’s cheap $300 price, but I’ll give them a few extra points for catching CNET’s eye while skipping CES 2019 fees.

World’s First Healthable

Ok, full disclosure, I got to test both the Livio AI and the new Thrive Hearing app out before I left Starkey last summer. And, yes, the rumors are true – it’s pretty damn amazing! But, Livio AI goes beyond better hearing – and is the first true device to not only provide better hearing, but it’s also helping them to live healthier with real-time data for activity tracking and hearing aid usage data (helping users understand the actual health benefits to using their devices – which let’s face it, also removes any excuses those of us with hearing aids have to not wear them).

But OK, my favorite thing is actually in the app. Your hearing professional is on-demand – well sort of. In the app, users can actually request program changes for their devices with their  hearing professional, who can then make the edits and send them back to the user via the app for review and approval.

Cochlear brings sound for Made for iPhone users

Concert goer? Avnet Music is your new avenue to sound!

It can either go on your wrist or be worn as a vest. The Avnet Music: Not Impossible products are engineered with making music events accessible for those who are deaf.

“At a suggested cost of around $10 to $15 per concert, the device would then pulse in time with the music…The company said the devices allowed the crowd, deaf and hearing alike, to better experience the concert together.” – CNET article

Check out the full article here, and then let us know your favorite new hearing technology or if you’ve tried any on CNET’s list! Curious to hear more!

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