An Open Letter to My Coworkers: Why I Ate Lunch Alone

I had a review just last week with my boss and someone we brought in to help our company run smoother. He's basically an industry expert, though more for design than marketing, and yet when he read the last point on the "What I'd Like Sarah To Start Doing" section, I wanted to scream. And... Continue Reading →

Protected: Jeff’s in KC: Day 1 at the Novartis Hearing Loss Clinical Trial using the drug CGF166

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Editor Who Didn’t Care I Was Almost Deaf

Updated April 13, 2016: I had a phone interview last night with a 2016 Olympic hopeful, David. He's going for the long jump after six years away from the sport, and after speaking to him, all I could tell him was "You're determination and dedication are incredible." But the funny thing was, he said something similar... Continue Reading →

Hearing Aids: A Love-Hate Relationship

They're small, almost invisible to the naked eye - at least when I wear my hair down. If my hair is pinned up or piled into a bun, I can also hide the slim, tan plastic backings with a thick, woolen headband - for the rest of winter anyways. They are my hearing aids. I love... Continue Reading →

A Silent Language: Speaking Equine

UPDATE: Blog has been honored as a Heels Down Magazine U25 Equestrian Creativity Awards Finalist Somehow I've always been able to speak it, even though there are no words. I have always been able to hear it, better and better as the years have gone by, even though each year my ears are capable of hearing less and... Continue Reading →

Can you HEAR me NOW?

(appeared in Sept. 2014 Missouri Hearing Society Newsletter) Two college boys shout at me across the living room, their white cotton shirts lifted with one hand to conceal their mouths. "Can you hear me?" "What about now?" "Hey! Hey! Can you hear me?" They shout at me through the fabric assuming I can't hear them. I can.... Continue Reading →

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