Tips for #Hearing Loss Professionals

I know only a few professionals with hearing loss (outside my company at least), but each of them is remarkable and hold high-ranking positions that require constant energy, attention, listening and understanding. I'm in the same position. My job requires daily meetings, national and international phone calls, live conversations with customers and patients, ongoing focus... Continue Reading →

4 Honest Truths (Tips) for New Hearing Aid Users

You've done it! You've taken the scary leap and shelled out the money and are now sitting at home thinking, oh dear God, what have I done. Ok not really, but you're probably sitting at home thinking "Damn that refrigerator is annoying" because with those handy hearing aids, you're hearing it for the first time. Hearing... Continue Reading →

3 Things That Are Shaping the Future of Hearing

As someone who has hearing loss, whose father and grandfather and two uncles all have or had hearing loss, I’ve essentially been exposed to the rapidly changing world of the hearing-impaired for quite a while. And probably up until the last couple of years, hearing aids have been overshadowed by an extremely negative stigma that... Continue Reading →

When Your Ears Fail You…Again

It's almost 12 Noon on a Wednesday, and all I can think is thank God everyone is gone for lunch, because there I am sitting at my desk crying. My head rests heavily in my hands, hung in shame, defeat and despair. Hot tears escape and roll down my cheeks, leaving salty  rivulets upon my flushed... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to My Coworkers: Why I Ate Lunch Alone

I had a review just last week with my boss and someone we brought in to help our company run smoother. He's basically an industry expert, though more for design than marketing, and yet when he read the last point on the "What I'd Like Sarah To Start Doing" section, I wanted to scream. And... Continue Reading →

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