Hearing Aids and Dating

I was recently emailing with one of you this week and an interesting topic came up: dating with hearing aids. It made me stop and think before responding, because hearing aids are a really personal thing - your hearing loss is a personal thing - and it may not be something you want to share on a... Continue Reading →

All That Comes Is the Question “Why?”

There's something everyone always tells you when life suddenly falls apart: that God wouldn't deal you a hand you couldn't handle. They explain that God hands you hardships to help you grow, to help direct you on the path that you're meant to follow. They tell you that even though you are sad, hurt, angry... Continue Reading →

Hearing Aids: A Love-Hate Relationship

They're small, almost invisible to the naked eye - at least when I wear my hair down. If my hair is pinned up or piled into a bun, I can also hide the slim, tan plastic backings with a thick, woolen headband - for the rest of winter anyways. They are my hearing aids. I love... Continue Reading →

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