3 Things That Are Shaping the Future of Hearing

As someone who has hearing loss, whose father and grandfather and two uncles all have or had hearing loss, I’ve essentially been exposed to the rapidly changing world of the hearing-impaired for quite a while. And probably up until the last couple of years, hearing aids have been overshadowed by an extremely negative stigma that... Continue Reading →

When Your Ears Fail You…Again

It's almost 12 Noon on a Wednesday, and all I can think is thank God everyone is gone for lunch, because there I am sitting at my desk crying. My head rests heavily in my hands, hung in shame, defeat and despair. Hot tears escape and roll down my cheeks, leaving salty  rivulets upon my flushed... Continue Reading →

Protected: Jeff’s in KC: Day 1 at the Novartis Hearing Loss Clinical Trial using the drug CGF166

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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