Hearing Disability – We Have to Change the Conversation

Just because you’re not like everyone else doesn’t mean you’re any less capable of doing anything they can do. In fact, because you’re different, you may even be better for it. Earlier this week I was blessed to be asked to speak at a Disability Empowerment Day for kids with a hearing disability here in... Continue Reading →

Why am I hearing sounds wrong?

I've struggled a bit in some WebEx and phone-call only meetings at work lately, and a few coworkers have asked "Are you not able to hear?" Recently I've had to try to explain and illustrate how hearing doesn't equate to understanding, so it felt like a good time to shed some light on a hearing... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Hearing Aids, Hello “Hearables”

I'm pretty lucky to do what I do and be where I am. Actually let's rephrase that. I am insanely lucky. One of the biggest perks to my job is that I am privy to some of the most incredible changes currently happening in the hearing industry, or as we should probably rename it--the hearable industry. And... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Go Offers Easy Marketing Opportunity for Hearing Professionals & Fun Adjustment Game for Hearing Aid Users

According to the Washington Street Journal, ad agencies are scrambling to develop Pokemon Go campaigns to help their marketing clients. And as a 90s kid who grew up with the original Nintendo games and flashy Pokemon cards, I was one of 15 million people to download the new Pokemon Go app in the last week. And as the app... Continue Reading →

The 10 Emotional Stages of Hearing Loss as told by Leonardo DiCaprio

Hearing loss is an emotional rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs, its twisty turns that make you want to toss your cookies, and at times it has super scary drops that make you feel like you're gonna blackout (if you're like me, you literally blackout on coasters like this). But at the center of... Continue Reading →

4 Honest Truths (Tips) for New Hearing Aid Users

You've done it! You've taken the scary leap and shelled out the money and are now sitting at home thinking, oh dear God, what have I done. Ok not really, but you're probably sitting at home thinking "Damn that refrigerator is annoying" because with those handy hearing aids, you're hearing it for the first time. Hearing... Continue Reading →

3 Things That Are Shaping the Future of Hearing

As someone who has hearing loss, whose father and grandfather and two uncles all have or had hearing loss, I’ve essentially been exposed to the rapidly changing world of the hearing-impaired for quite a while. And probably up until the last couple of years, hearing aids have been overshadowed by an extremely negative stigma that... Continue Reading →

How Emma Faye Rudkin earned the only other spot on my “incredible persona” list

All images are taken by Kathy Rudkin or myself, courtesy of Aid the Silent. Please do not use outside this blog!  As a writer, there is nothing that compares to telling the story of someone who is changing the world, someone who day-by-day is helping to move life forward in ways that you only wish you could... Continue Reading →

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