How Emma Faye Rudkin earned the only other spot on my “incredible persona” list

All images are taken by Kathy Rudkin or myself, courtesy of Aid the Silent. Please do not use outside this blog!  As a writer, there is nothing that compares to telling the story of someone who is changing the world, someone who day-by-day is helping to move life forward in ways that you only wish you could... Continue Reading →

Reality Checking Hearing Loss

Let’s try an experiment. Find a really pretty photograph or painting, one that is not on your computer or TV. Stand back and look at it so that the entire image is clearly identifiable. This is Position A, or normal reality. Now step closer so that you can see only the middle of it clearly. This... Continue Reading →

Audiogram Jealousy

Jealousy can come out of nowhere. It can spring from a moment of happiness, from a moment of sadness, and it can spring randomly when you are neither sad nor happy. That green eyed monster can creep up on you, a silent burglar in the dark, and rob you of your happiness, focus and attention. It’s... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to My Coworkers: Why I Ate Lunch Alone

I had a review just last week with my boss and someone we brought in to help our company run smoother. He's basically an industry expert, though more for design than marketing, and yet when he read the last point on the "What I'd Like Sarah To Start Doing" section, I wanted to scream. And... Continue Reading →

13 Things You Experience When You Have Hearing Loss

1. The looks strangers you just met give you when you tell them that you have hearing loss (yeah, they pretty much don’t get it). 2. What your best friend says to you when you try to hide at every party (We’ve all been there.) 3. When you didn’t hear the question the cute guy at... Continue Reading →

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